The number of SUVs and trucks may have multiplied to the point where it seems like everyone drives one now and has the capability to haul large items like mattresses. However, if you're getting a new mattress for your home, don't assume you'll bring the thing home yourself that easily. You could certainly strap the mattress to the roof of your minivan or throw it in the bed of a pickup truck. It's not that it's not possible, but you would be better off paying extra for a mattress store to deliver the item.

Misjudging Weight

If you're thinking of strapping the mattress to the roof of your minivan or SUV, the weight distribution of your vehicle will change. The center of gravity will be higher, even if the mattress is only a twin. You'll also have a different vehicle length to deal with when turning if you aren't careful about whether or not the back edge of the mattress hangs off the end of the vehicle.

And that's another thing. If you've never put anything on the racks on the top of your vehicle, you may not realize how easy it is for something to become loose. You need to attach the mattress securely.

Exposure to Road Dirt, Birds, and More

The mattress should be covered with a plastic case or tarp when you buy it, but you still end up having a lot more road dust, dirt, bird droppings, and leaf debris to deal with when removing the mattress from the vehicle, even if you're just carrying the mattress in a pickup truck bed. Maybe you're fine with a little dirt, but many people want that new mattress to be completely clean and don't want to have to brush dirt off the plastic cover to begin with.

Same-Day Removal Services

So, you got the new mattress home. Now how are you going to get the old mattress out? You could call one of the rare charities that accepts used mattresses. However, you'd have to wait for them to show up, and they can have last-minute conflicts where they simply don't show up, and they may have the right to refuse to take the old mattress when they see it. Compare this to mattress delivery and removal services, which are going to show up lest the mattress store want to process a refund for an undelivered mattress, and which can take away almost any mattress because they're disposing of it, not reselling it. There are rare exceptions where they may not be able to take the old mattress because of excessive dirt or odor. Check with the mattress store about that policy.

Delivery and removal charges really aren't that costly. Make your day a lot easier by scheduling for delivery/pickup with the mattress store, and have your old mattress ready for pickup that morning. You'll find it's less stressful and a lot faster than trying to haul the items yourself.

For more help, contact a company like Uncle Dave's Mattress and Stuff today.