Living in a home with a lot of pets can make things exciting all the time. But, even if you have pets that are generally well-behaved, they can still make mistakes on occasion. Dirty paws and vomiting are easy to clean up whether you have tile, hardwood, or carpeted flooring. However, the furniture in your home may also have sustained noticeable wear and tear from your pets.

If you want to avoid a situation in which you feel the need to replace these furniture pieces, you should look towards hiring a furniture repair company to restore the affected items.

Furniture Legs

One of the first parts that you should pay attention to is furniture legs. When your pets are running around, they may slide into your furniture and use their paws to gain balance. But, one of your dogs or cats may scratch the furniture legs with their claws in the middle of sliding. This can lead to paint scratching off or wood legs sustaining more than just a surface scratch.

A furniture repair company will look at all the couches, chairs, tables, and desks to determine which legs need repairs. They can provide you with a cost estimate for the labor and parts. If the legs are severely damaged, another option may include getting new legs for the furniture. This is an excellent alternative compared to buying a whole new piece of furniture due to leg issues.

Spray Marks

If you have a male cat in your home along with many other pets, they may have experienced behavioral issues at some time. This can lead to spraying around the house. Although you may have cleaned up all the floors and walls, the affected furniture may have gone unnoticed. A furniture expert can assess every piece to determine if they can remove the scent altogether.

When this is not an option, they can work on replacing the affected area. This may lead to replacing a structural piece, reupholstering the fabric, or adding new padding to the inside.

Cabinet Doors

Another possibility for furniture damage is scratches on the cabinet doors. For instance, your cats and dogs may have been curious about getting into one of the cabinets in your home. A short bout of scratching can lead to noticeable marks, which would require the door to be repaired.

Hiring a furniture repair company is a smart choice when you want to avoid excessive costs for making the furniture in your home look new again after sustaining pet-related damage.