Are you tired of your living room seating options consisting entirely of your sofa? Do you wish that you also had an armchair or a recliner or two available to sit on? Having a recliner to sit in can be great if you're sick or even just in general. But with so many different types and styles of recliners, choosing the best one for your needs isn't always easy. Here are some tips that will help you to find the right one just for you:

Decide on a size: Make sure that you actually have space for one or more recliners before you purchase any. It's easy to forget that a recliner can take up significantly more room when in the reclining position than it does when you're just sitting in it. If you have very limited space, consider choosing a recliner without a foot rest that pops out when you lean back. Putting your feet up on a storage ottoman may or may not be as comfortable as using the built-in footrest, but you also won't have to worry about damaging other pieces of furniture or inadvertently knocking a pet around when you use it. 

Consider value vs. longevity: Recliners can cost as much or more than a standard sofa, due to the mechanical parts that are involved. As such, you probably want to choose a recliner that will last you as long as possible. A recliner with leather upholstery can be more costly than a fabric covered one, but cleanup may be easier and the leather may last longer. On the other hand, if you have pets, their claws may damage the leather more easily. If you're simply going to cover the leather with a fabric furniture cover to protect it, you might as well opt to purchase a less expensive fabric recliner in the first place.

Make a written list of features: Decide exactly what features you need your recliner to have, such as rocking or extra lumbar support, and make an actual written list. When you're looking at recliners, it's easy to get so distracted by an attractive option that you forget one or more of the features that you actually wanted your new chair to have. In order to prevent buyer's remorse and a potentially difficult attempt at returning a recliner that you realized that you don't actually want, have a checklist in your hand while you're shopping.

If you still aren't sure about the kind of recliner that's best for you, contact a company like The Chair Shop, Inc.