Bring a second life to your futon with a new mattress; if you use your futon regularly, you may find that you need to replace the mattress annually. When you are shopping for a mattress, make sure to distinguish that the mattress is for a futon and not a regular twin-sized bed. The two are very different and there are specific considerations when shopping for a futon.

Some tips when replacing your futon mattress are:

Measure precisely. Take the time to dig out a tape-measure; never assume to know the precise measurements of your futon without measuring it first. Make sure to also take a measurement of the thickness, as this will become an important feature when shopping.  

Think about the thickness. Oddly enough, many shoppers overlook the thickness of the mattress when buying a replacement for their futon. Do you like the thickness of your current mattress? Would you prefer it plusher? More firm?  Think about thickness before buying and know that futon mattresses range from around 8 inches to 12 inches in thickness.

Wait for a bit. When you get it in your mind to replace your current futon mattress, take time to find your new mattress before discarding the old. You may find that a topper is all that you need to get more utility from your futon; you may also have to order the replacement which can take time to process.  

Spring-coil or memory foam? Futon mattresses are now found widely in options that include inner-spring and memory foam. Inner-spring mattresses have coils that make them resilient and supportive; they can, however, be difficult to fold into your futon unless it is an extremely thin inner-spring mattress. A memory foam mattress is extremely pliable and lightweight, making it a great futon option; however, memory foam is quite firm, so those that prefer a softer sleep surface might be out of luck.

Top it off. If you use your futon regularly for sleeping, consider adding a pillow-topper to make the futon mattress seem thicker and more sumptuous. These will provide a sumptuous experience for the user, while keeping the mattress pliable enough to be folded back down into seating.

Keep these tips and suggestions in mind when you go shopping for your new futon mattress. A futon is a very versatile and useful piece of furniture, so it pays to maintain it and ensure it provides a comfortable sleep. Visit mattress stores to find the best futon mattresses to fit your frame and personal preferences, as well as to find the right buys for your budget.