If you have a lot of clothing, you might feel like your current closet is too small or isn't well designed for the amount of clothing that you have. The shelves might be too close together. There might be too much space for your hanging clothing and not enough for your folded clothing. Whatever the issue is, one of the best solutions is to redo your closet and design one yourself. Here are some tips for designing a custom closet.

1. Separate the Sides of Your Closet With a Hutch

The first thing that you want to do is include a hutch in the center of your closet. This will make it easy for you to divide your closet into two sections: clothes that you wear for work and clothes that you wear casually. By having this physical separation between these two types of clothes, you can make it easier for you to plan outfits and get your head in the space to dress appropriately for the situation. This hutch should have deep drawers that can function as a dresser or shoe storage area in order to help reduce the amount of furniture that you need in your bedroom.

2. Use Two Parallel Hanging Bars

Next, make sure that you are using the space as efficiently as possible by hanging two parallel bars for your hanging clothes, rather than just one that's roughly at eye height. Put one hanging bar as near to the ceiling as you can reach. Then, hang all of the shirts that you want to store there. This will allow you to get an idea as to where your next, parallel bar should be hung. If you have longer dresses or pants that you want to hang, use a single bar that is hung as high as possible and then fill in the space beneath your longest dresses with shorter shelves for shoes and other smaller materials.

3. Consider Getting a Step Stool for High Shelves

You want to maximize all of your space. This means using the space from the floor to the ceiling. If you can't comfortable reach things that are higher up, consider using this space to store clothes and accessories that are not being used for this particular season and getting a step stool so that you can reach them when you actually do need to use them. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in custom closet design.