Whether you have a spare bedroom that never gets used or one of your children is heading off to college, you may be wondering what to do with that space. With a few creative ideas and a trip to your local furniture store, you can create a multifunctional den that you can use as a home office, library, and guest room without it feeling cluttered. Here are just some ideas you can use in your new den.

Sleeper Sectional Sofa

A sleeper sectional sofa provides a cozy place to curl up with a book, but it can also give out-of-town guests a comfortable place to rest. The L-shape gives the sofa a natural headboard area when used as a bed, and its spacious seating area means you have plenty of room for the whole family to sit together and read or study.

Bookcase Wall

Lining one wall in the new den with tall bookshelves helps to give it the feel of a library, and it can also help to declutter other rooms on your home. Keep all of your family's books in this central location to free up space on shelves and tables throughout the home. Give the wall a finished look by adding crown molding to the top of the bookcases, and add a few vases, figurines, or potted plants to the top shelf as a beautiful appearance.

Console Desk

Console desks typically have a minimalist design and have a few small drawers for storage. These desks are ideal for shared use with the family, as everyone can simply bring their study materials and laptop to the den whenever they need to use the desk. When the room is in use as a guest room, the console table offers a handy area to place personal items, and the space underneath can be used to store luggage. You can even place the desk behind your sectional sleeper sofa so it doubles as a console table in the room. This versatile piece of furniture can be found in a wide variety of finishes and styles to match your decor theme.

Don't forget to re-paint the room to give it a new look, and add a soft area rug to add a bit of extra comfort to the space. You may also want to add a few additional items, such as a small wall-mounted television set, to make the room more appealing for guests and to give you a place to escape from the rest of the world with a few of your favorite movies. Look for unique furnishings at your local furniture store (like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses) to help create a multifunctional den your whole family can enjoy.