When your college student is ready to move out of the dorms and into his or her first apartment, you may want to help pick out the furniture that will go in the new home. There are a few strategies you can use to find the right pieces to match your child's personal tastes while keeping his or her needs in mind. Here are just a few things to consider when taking your college student shopping at furniture stores near the college campus.

Choose Easy Maintenance Furnishings

Your child will not likely have a lot of time to clean, particularly if he or she has a job on top of a full course load. Look for furniture that is easy to clean, such as sofas with removable covers that can be thrown in the washing machine or light-colored wood pieces that won't show dust as easily. Avoid stainless steel appliances, which can show smudges and fingerprints easily. Look at the care instructions for each item before purchasing to make sure your child can easily care for them.

Look For Items With Built-In Storage

First apartments can sometimes be short on space, so it's important to make every piece of furniture count. Coffee tables and ottomans with storage compartments or drawers provide a handy place to stash small items, and platform beds with built-in drawers can take the place of a dresser in the bedroom. If the kitchen doesn't offer a lot of cabinet space, consider adding a rolling kitchen island that can double as a table. The cabinets can be used for additional storage, and the counter height makes a kitchen island ideal for use with bar stools.

Don't Forget Organizers

Many furniture stores also sell closet organizing accessories, such as hanging shelves and shoe racks. These tools can give your child an easy way to keep his or her bedroom free from clutter while maximizing the available storage space.

Create A Study Area

Giving your college-aged child a place to study may be the most important thing you do in his or her new apartment. Shop together for a computer desk with drawers and cabinets to keep study materials neatly organized. Look for a cable management system that keeps cords and plugs from tangling, and invest in a comfortable desk chair to use during all those late-night study sessions.

As you shop at furniture stores together, keep these things in mind, and be sure to let your child have a say in the colors and designs you choose so the apartment truly feels like it belongs to the child and not to you. Contact a business, such as Visions In Contemporary Living, for more information.