Your family room is one of the most popular locations in the home, and is the place where you and your children gather together to play games, watch TV, or just lounge. If you want to give this living space a more contemporary appeal, consider upgrading your furniture to some modern pieces you will love. Here are a few ideas in modern furnishings that can make your family room even more amazing.

U-shaped couch 

The focal point of your family room is likely the couch where everyone lounges, and you want to make sure you have plenty of space for everyone. Modern couches stray away from the classic L-shape design, and include a second extension to create a comfortable and spacious U-shape instead. This style of couch eliminates the need for a second couch or chairs, and has plenty of seating for people to sprawl out on either side or along the middle. Choose a modern style that is low to the ground and square rather than rounded, in trendy hues like white, black, or a deep navy. Some U-shaped couches even include cup holders so you can snack with ease while watching movies.

Modern table

If you have a coffee table in your family room or are considering getting one to help organize your space, opt for a glass design that brings modern flair to your room. A glass coffee table is a chic way to upgrade this area, and matches with your older decor as well as other modern touches, such as throw pillows or a metallic accent wall. Choose a glass coffee table with a second lower glass shelf for storage, or go with a traditional style that has simple metal legs and a glass top.

If glass isn't your style or you want a coffee table that is a bit more diverse, another trend in modern furnishings for family rooms is the large ottoman. A large ottoman doubles as a place to rest your feet while lounging on the couch as well as a soft surface for placing magazines, board games, and other items to double as a table. Pick an ottoman in a neutral tone like earthy brown or cream to complement your current furnishings.

When it comes to your family room, modern furniture can make a huge difference in space and comfort. Choose a large U-shaped couch for plenty of lounge space and a trendy table for keeping the space organized, and you can turn your family room into a whole new living space.