Suffering from a broken ankle can be overwhelming. It's certainly not something you had time to plan for, and it will impact your life for several months as you go through the recovery phase.

Many ankle fractures require you to be in a non-weight bearing status for several weeks up to several months. This will affect every aspect of your life from how to ambulate to how you sleep. You will find yourself facing new challenges as you adapt to not being able to bear weight on the affected extremity.

However, you can make the recovery process a little smoother by having three things in place during your convalescing period.

A recliner

A recliner can be your best friend when convalescing from a broken ankle. Getting up from a sofa or chair is difficult when you can't place weight on both legs. This is especially true if your furniture sits low to the floor.

Enlist the help of a family member or friend to visit a local furniture store to shop for a comfortable recliner for you. If this isn't possible, you can shop for one online and have it delivered to your home. An over-sized recliner that reclines to a full lying position is a good choice. When recovering from a broken ankle, you may find it difficult to find a comfortable position when sleeping in your bed. An over-sized recliner can double as a bed and may help you find a more comfortable sleeping position.

Keeping your foot elevated is important to reduce swelling during recovery. A recliner makes it easy to keep your foot elevated comfortably. A recliner with an electrical lift installed is a nice option, as it will allow you to use a remote to raise the chair to a standing position.

A knee scooter

Move over crutches, hello knee scooter. A knee scooter is your best option for mobility while you are non-weight bearing. With its wide-based wheels, it provides more stability than a pair of crutches. With its padded knee rest, it enables you to move about with comfort. Being more active while convalescing will help to prevent de-conditioning that is common with inactivity.  

While the wheel base is wide enough to provide adequate safety, a knee scooter is still narrow enough to fit easily through the narrow doorways in your home. It's also convenient for taking along in the car when you need to leave the house for work or errands.

Stretchy pants

Getting snug-fitting jeans over an orthotic boot or cast is nearly impossible. You should purchase several pairs of pants made of a stretchy fabric. Make sure the pants have a wide leg that will fit easily over your foot and leg. Yoga pants, sweat pants, or other athletic-style pants are good choices.

While recovering from a broken ankle can seem like a long process, having the right things in place at home can make your recovery less challenging. The money spent on a recliner, knee scooter, and the right clothing, is money well spent and will allow you to convalesce in comfort.