If you have decided to decorate your family room with an eclectic theme, you are in for a lot of fun. The reason for that is eclectic decorating means that you get to use all of your favorite things and you get to borrow decorating ideas from different periods of history and different parts of the world. In other words, from your floors to your windows, think outside the box and let your creative self go to town. Here are some ideas that might help you get started.

Start From The Bottom - Of course, since you're going with an eclectic theme you can choose any kind of flooring you want. However, faux painting a concrete floor would be one of the things that would give your family room a very unique look. If you are artistic, you can do the faux painting yourself. Otherwise, your paint store can give you the names of professionals who will do the job for you. Some great ideas would be to give your floor the look of Talavera tile, marble, or even the look of an cobblestone street like those you find in the charming towns of Europe and Latin America.

Choose Your Wall Treatment - If you decide to go with faux painted concrete flooring, a great idea would be to also faux paint your walls to complement your floor design. For example, if you chose the look of a cobblestone floor, paint pretend weathered wooden window boxes full of flowers on your walls. If you selected the look of marble for the floor, marble columns would look great. If you decide to go with traditional painted walls, enhance them with wall shelves to hold your one-of-a-kind collectibles. Another idea is to hang small wooden chairs on one of your walls and to use the seat part to display collectibles.

The Window Treatment - Fabrics with unusual hardware would fit your eclectic room very well. One example is to select fabric for the draperies and then use brass or wrought iron hardware with things like dragonflies, pine cones, pineapples or flowers in the design. Another great window treatment to complement your decor would be to order custom wooden plantation shutters or wooden mini-blinds. Both are affordable and will last a very long time. In addition, wooden window treatments will be easy to care for. All you'll have to do is to dust them when you dust your furniture.

As you shop, check out stores like The Fabric Loft, antique stores, thrift stores, consignment stores and gift shops in museums to find the perfect home decor for your family room.