When winter weather hits, it often means that patio furniture has to go into hibernation until spring. For parents, this often leaves no place to sit or relax while children play in the snow. Instead of crafting a clever ice chair, shopping for outdoor furniture that can be specifically used in the winter will make outdoor play a lot more comfortable. While a lot of outdoor furniture is made to be durable and long-lasting, the following tips will ensure that you have ideal furniture options to help you get through the winter months.

Plastic Chairs

One of the more durable materials for the winter months is plastic. However, the cold weather can make thin plastic brittle. This is why you should shop for a thick plastic patio chair. Sections that are thicker will be more durable during the winter and provide plenty of comfortable while children play in the snow. The plastic chairs are even be left outside, as long as snow is cleared off after each storm.

Coated Aluminum Furniture

Metal furniture is naturally prone to rust when exposed to moisture like snow. During the winter months, you can still find metal furniture that is comfortable and will withstand the snow and cold. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that have been powder coated. This coating prevents the aluminum from rusting and will typically last for multiple years. To help add some extra protection, a car wax or polish can be applied to the furniture. This helps add an extra layer of protection and will resist the moisture from winter weather.

Synthetic Wicker

Wood can survive through multiple winters, but it may warp or change shape due to extreme changes in temperature. Your next best option is outdoor furniture that is made with synthetic wicker. The synthetic materials will not warp and are available in a lot of different seating designs. This includes chairs, benches, or small outdoor tables ideal for a hot bowl of soup or a mug of hot chocolate.

You can often purchase synthetic wicker furniture pieces in sets. This can give you a nice seating area for you and children to relax after playing in the snow.

Winter Furniture Covers

While shopping for the furniture, you can find a variety of covers to go with them. Special covers for the winter includes extra padding and cover to help keep moisture out. The covers also make it easy to wipe off snow and keep the furniture clear for you to sit on.

By purchasing the winter furniture, you can give your children more time to play and enjoy the snow while you relax in comfort. To find out more, contact a business like Casual Living.