Your small living room can quickly feel overpowered by the furniture you have in it. Even a single couch and chair set can take up a lot of your space. Discover furniture options that can make your small space more efficient and make your living room a place everyone wants to be in.

Downsize your couch 

You may love your over-sized couch, but your living room doesn't. This bulky furniture is difficult to place because its long, rectangular shape is out of place anywhere but against the wall. Battle this couch dilemma by replacing your single large couch with a smaller couch and a comfy chair. You can place one couch in the middle of your living room and your chair along the wall to open up space in your living room. Your local living room furniture store can show you many small couch and chair combinations that work with your style.

If you choose smaller couches and chairs, opt for decorative afghans to give them decorative personality rather than overwhelming them with pillows. If you do want decorative pillows on your furniture, only place as many pillows as there are cushions on your pieces to avoid overloading them.

Go with glass

A glass coffee table gives your living room the illusion of space since the table is open underneath. Choose a glass coffee table with a built-in shelf for storing remotes, magazines, and other living room necessities.

Opt for wall shelves

Bookshelves take up a lot of space and are often placed on the floor. Wall shelves are independent shelves that can be hung anywhere you want and open up space in your small living room. Place shelves just above eye level so you can easily place other items, such as plants or furniture, underneath them for more efficient decorating. You can find wall shelves at your local furniture store.

Floor lamps

Table lamps require a table to stand on, which takes up space in your living room. Floor lamps stand on their own, and can be placed in corners or alongside walls for ample lighting without taking up extra space. You can buy floor lamps at your living room furniture store in a variety of styles, from antique bronze to contemporary hues in pink, turquoise, or black.

Your local home furniture store, such as Thomas Everett Fine Furniture, can provide you with all the great pieces you need to make your small living room appear larger and make the best use of its space. You can upgrade with smaller furniture or simpler accessories to make your living room truly amazing, no matter how tiny it may be.