There are occasions when people decide to eliminate a large amount of items. Most often either a family member has passed leaving behind a lifetime of possessions or someone is downsizing and has rooms of merchandise they do not want to take with them. There are two basic ways to handle this type of event, there can either be an auction or an estate sale. Most people will opt for the estate sale, but this can leave a lot of questions about whether items are being appropriately priced. Before any price stickers are applied, contacting an expert is a sensible decision. Not only can an antiques dealer assist with pricing, but also with many other details for operating a successful sale.

Counterfeit or Genuine

Too often people think that Aunt Edna only collected junk. In fact, there are many stories about genuine works of art or branded jewelry sold off at thrift stores for pennies only to draw in a fortune at an auction later on. It is very difficult in many circumstances for an untrained eye to spot a valuable painting for a painter they have never heard of, or to identify the work of a world-renowned sculptor. An antiques dealer will know and they can help the seller to avoid making an enormous mistake.

Assemble Sets or Collections

Old tool kits, various kitchen items and other collectibles are often impossible to identify as parts of one set, especially when they are scattered around a home. In many instances a set of something is much more valuable than individual items. It is very easy to lose a lot of money by selling a dozen pieces for a nickel each when the full set could have earned much more. In any event, being able to identify items on tags will help them to sell faster to browsing shoppers.

Contact Interested Buyers

All antique dealers have customer lists that include what each person likes and is currently searching for. This can make it easier to find guaranteed buyers for certain items that may have been hauled away for recycling at the end of the sale.

Organize the Sale

Many antiques experts also offer their services as managers of estate auctions. This is a wonderful asset for families that are not local to the sale or overwhelmed with the entire process. They can arrange for the home to be cleaned, the sale items organized and priced and even advertise the sale. On the day of the event they will be present to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There will always be debates over whether items should be auctioned or put in an estate sale. There is no question that valuable items will almost always do best at auction. Unfortunately, for most families that will still leave an enormous amount of items that must be disposed of in some way. Estate sales offer the fastest method for quickly selling a large volume of goods. 

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