Living room furniture is essential to have, especially if you want to live comfortably in your home. Whether you bought your furniture used, received it for free, or paid a considerable amount to get your dream designs, you should know how to take care of the furniture properly to avoid damage.

1. Lift Furniture when Moving to a New Location

If you want to move furniture from one place to another, you want to avoid pushing or sliding the furniture. Oftentimes, the legs on furniture can cave in when this happens, which can lead to broken legs, or even worse, a damaged frame that requires substantial repair or replacing the piece altogether.

2. Leave Plenty of Walking Space

When you try to fit multiple pieces of furniture close together, you or someone else will likely run into them on accident on more than one occasion. It is possible to spill staining liquids on the furniture, or you could clip the furniture with your clothing and cause a scratch or tear on the fabric. Leaving a few feet between furniture will prevent these kinds of problems from happening.

3. Put Shoes at the Front Door

While it is fine to wear shoes around the house, you should try to make it a habit to leave them at the front door, especially when you plan on relaxing in the living room and on the furniture. Just running a few errands outside can cause your shoes to pick up enough dirt particles to scratch or stain your furniture.

4. Position Away from Sunlight

Although you might find it nice to soak up the sun while relaxing in your living room, you should understand that living room furniture can become damaged with prolonged exposure to sunlight. For instance, leather can crack, and many other materials will fade over time. Whether you invest in appropriate window treatments or arrange furniture away from sunlight is up to you.

5. Invest in Sofa Covers for Protection

If you want to protect your sofa as much as you can, you should invest in sofa covers. In some cases, you may not be able to get prefabricated covers, which makes it important to get custom covers. It is easy to keep your sofa clean when you are able to switch between clean covers regularly.

6. Use Insulated and Closeable Drinkware

Most coffee tables and side tables are resistant to damage, but they still require proper care. To avoid water damage on furniture from condensation or spilling, you should consider using insulated and closeable drinkware. It is an ideal adjustment, as it keeps drinks at an ideal temperature and prevents condensation from getting on clothing. Whether you have insulated drinkware or not, another worthwhile addition is beverage coasters to maximize protection.

Protecting your furniture will help your furniture last longer, stay beautiful, and avoid damage. Following some of these easy tips will give you the knowledge you need to enjoy like-new furniture.