Give your bedroom a quick and inexpensive makeover that will turn it from mundane to magnificent! These easy fixes take little time and money, but will inspire many to spend more time in their bedroom, enjoying their new sanctuary. Try these easy tips to turn boring bedrooms into bewitching boudoirs:

Hot headboards.

A headboard gives a bed a much more polished, elegant appearance. If your space doesn't allow for a big, bulky headboard, try painting or stenciling a faux version above your bed's head. Another idea is to buy an inexpensive vinyl cling that replicates the look of a headboard, without the space or fuss!

Mood lighting.  

You will want to evaluate your bedroom's lighting, as too bright of ambient fixtures can be uncomfortable and too dim lighting may inhibit working, reading, or other tasks that you complete in your space. Try a couple of swanky pendant lights that hang within reach on both sides of your bed, for a soothing ambient light and more focused task lighting as needed.

Exotic canopy.

There is something very exotic and tropical about a canopy, and these are easy to find for any size, shape, or type of bed. Typically, canopies can be purchased that hang from a hook on your ceiling, and then drape down around your sleeping area. Use hooks, tie-backs, and other fixtures to pull the canopy material away from the corners to create the look you want that is also easy to climb into as desired.

Separate seating area.

Create a cozy nook for reading in your bedroom. If you don't have a lot of space, simply add a chair and a reading lamp in the corner. This will also entice you to spend more time there.

Feet-friendly flooring.

Make your feet cozy and comfortable when they step out of bed by adding some fluffy, thick rugs around your sleep space. You may even want to use a fluffy fleece throw as an area rug by using heavy-duty double-sided tape to the back to hold it in place on your floor. Another perk of this idea is that they can be easily washed by simply throwing them in the laundry.

Luscious linens.

Treat yourself to some high-end linens, sheets, and bedding. Pay attention to thread-count and feel the difference for yourself.

Take time to make your bedroom a space that you are happy and content to spend time in. This area should be a place that comforts and rejuvenates you, both your body and spirit, and these tips may help to create this tranquil environment. Visit retail venues and online home improvement sites to find the perfect items, materials, and ideas to create the bedroom that you deserve. And if you need a new mattress for your bed, visit Mattress Ranch.