Every pet owner has had an item or two of furniture destroyed by their beloved pet. Though your pets may be otherwise well-behaved and well-trained, their antics around a home can quickly create wear in more delicate items of furnishing. Consequently, it's usually best to keep your pets in mind when you purchase new items. There are some items that are more suitable to a pet-friendly home than others.

Like Leather? It May Not Be a Bad Idea, If...

Cats tend to be a destructive force of nature when it comes to leather. Dogs are a bit iffy -- they can scratch leather, but if their claws are properly cut and filed, they won't. Even cats can have harmless rubber claw caps placed on their claws so that they can't scratch. Most households shy away from leather because it is expensive and easily damaged, however a quality (non-bonded) leather is much easier to clean than fabric furniture. Bonded leather, on the other hand, may simply fall apart. So if your pet is well-behaved and their claws are managed, a leather couch, chair or recliner might actually be good news.

Color Coordinating With Your Pets

Animals shed. And it doesn't really matter how often you dust and vacuum: they're in the house all the time. If there's a race, they will definitely best you, regardless of your cleaning skills. So while you don't need to make sure that your rug and table match Fluffy perfectly, you do want to make sure that the colors aren't too far off. A white couch and a black dog is a certain recipe for disaster. 

Don't Forget the Allergens

To some degree, allergens are expected to be commonplace in pet-friendly households... but they can become overwhelming and even harmful if they're allowed to build up. Furniture with nooks and crannies in its upholstery will collect these allergens more than furniture that is hard or with a non-fabric surface. In general, keep in mind that the larger the upholstered surface area of the item, the more you'll have to dust or vacuum.

A furniture store (like Smith Furniture) can tell you which items among their furnishings are more or less durable. Occasionally, you might want to go for a nice looking secondhand item if you believe that it will truly be subjected to significant wear in your house—but a brand new item can still survive as long as you keep the above points in mind.