If you want to have a home that combines both modern and classic designs, there are some tricks you may want to know. Choosing the right decor and furniture can be challenging. You may want to use things like antique lighting and contemporary furniture with solid colors and clean lines. If you want to mix contemporary and classic designs, here are some tips that may help:

1. Choosing Antique Lighting To Mix With Contemporary Furniture

If you want to blend classic and contemporary designs, lighting is a good way to do it. There are many types of antique lights available, which can help to blend the two decors. You may want to look for simple street lamps to hang from the ceilings. This can be just the frame of the lamp, which you can rewire with modern lighting like LED.  Look for simple lighting ideas that are easy to update with new wiring. The large candelabras do not work well with a contemporary design, but you may want to consider adding your custom touches by repainting them or adding new shades and modern decor.

2. Using Retro Designs For Small Furniture Pieces To Blend In

To gradually blend the designs, retro furniture can be a great choice. This can be something as simple as a retro chair and table that help to blend the contemporary can classic looks. There are many classic retro furniture designs that can help to blend the different styles. There are even antiques that can have a retro design and look to them. Other small items like old mailroom cabinets and printing drawers can make great classic additions to a contemporary design.

3. Using Contemporary Furniture With A Classic Style And Color

You can also choose contemporary furniture that has a little classic style and color. Look for living room furniture like sofas and chairs with a contemporary style. You can even get older antique designs that have a contemporary look to them.  Look for things that have neutral colors and very few lines.  You can also get antique living room furniture and have it reupholstered with modern colors to give it a new look. You can even use contrasting colors for cushions to give antique furniture a unique modern look.

These are some tips to help you combine traditional and contemporary decor. If you are looking for the right interior design, contact a furniture store to get the help you need putting everything together.

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