The advent of flat-screen television sets has increased the selection of affordable TV sizes enormously. No longer are you limited to simply a 32" or 36" diagonal television screen. However, with the increase in screen sizes comes the dilemma of how much television set can your room handle. There's also the related issue of how far away from the set should you put your couch and chairs for optimal viewing. It's wise to consider both of these questions before you shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a new television set and entertainment system.

Things to consider when placing your television seating

1. The television image will pixelate if you sit too close. One of the few issues with new digital, high-definition television sets is that the image will pixelate (that is, appear divided into tiny squares) if you sit too close to the screen.

2. You'll miss the sharp definition if you sit too far away. Conversely, if you place your seating arrangement too far away from the television screen, you and your guests will miss out on some of the high definition in the screen that you paid for when you upgraded your entertainment system.

3. Straight-on viewing is better. It doesn't matter whether you have an LCD, an OLED or a plasma set, the television image will look clearer if you view it straight on, rather than from an angle. According to CNET, you should aim for a viewing angle of no more than 30 degrees in either direction.

4. Resolution matters. It's not just important to consider the screen size, but you should also take into account the resolution of the television screen you're looking to purchase. The lower the resolution, the further away you can sit and still have a clear, crisp image.

5. Don't forget the height of the screen. The last thing you need to consider when placing your television set is the height of the set. Conventional wisdom dictates that the screen should be at the eye level of the viewer. That's about 42" high for most people sitting on an average height couch.

Choosing the right size television screen for your room and positioning your seating in relation to the set doesn't have to be complicated. Simply take into account the viewing angle, the size and resolution of the television screen, and the distance from the screen for maximum enjoyment when purchasing an entertainment center from a place like Vandenberg Furniture.